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DenBeste Water Solutions (DWS) designs, sources and leases specialty storage tanks and bins in various sizes and models for use in the oil, gas, environmental, construction and water management industries. DWS is taking liquid storage technology to a new level with design and implementation of several new technological and safety features. In combining innovation with superior quality construction, DWS tanks are fast becoming the industry standard. DWS is proud to provide the most turnkey tank program in today's ever-changing marketplace. Turnkey to us means providing the best tanks with the most project-ready applications. It means providing efficient delivery and removal of your tank, backed by over two decades of unparalleled transportation excellence.

Portable liquid storage tank with 21,000 gallon capacity.

Portable Liquid Storage Tank - 21K Gal. Capacity

Epoxy Lined closed top tank with contoured full drain bottom for ease of draining.

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Potable water tank with 21,000 gallon capacity.

Potable Water Storage Tank - 21K Gal. Capacity

UL Approved Interior Lining for potable water applications.

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Portable acid storage tank with 10,000 capacity.

Portable Acid Storage Tank - 21K Gal. Capacity

Featuring a Carboline Plasite 4301 HT epoxy vinyl-ester interior coating.

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Portable liquid storage tank with 10,000 capacity.

Portable Liquid Storage Tank - 10K Gal. Capacity

Small footprint tank for confined spaces. Available in both open and closed top.

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Upright liquid storage tank is easy transport.

Upright Tank

Oval/round tank with internal mixers with small footprint for difficult placements. Shown in transport mode.

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Open top Weir tank.

Open Top Weir Tank

Used for separation of sediment/particulates and oils utilizing an under and over weir/baffle.

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Open top flowback tank.

Open Top Flowback Tank

Diffuser/gas buster tank used in the oilfields to dissipate high pressure fluids.

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Mix tank.

Mix Tank

Enable slurrying and circulation of liquids and materials. Has 4 mixer motors to facilitate the process.

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Phase separator tank.

Filtration Bin - Phase Separator

Roll-Off container equipped with steel mesh screens to facilitate dewatering of sludges & clarification of liquids.

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Mud tank.

Mud Tank

Low profile open top tank with a fixed axle for ease of slurrying materials.

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Containment berms.

Spill Guard - Containment Berm

Secondary containment to prevent leaks or spills. Available in various sizes.

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20 Yard Roll Off bin.

20 Yard Roll Off Bin

Leak proof boxes/bins available in 20 and 40 cubic yards to contain wet material or debris.

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40 Yard Roll Off bin.

40 Yard Roll Off Bin

Leak proof boxes/bins available in 20 and 40 cubic yards to contain wet material or debris.

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8 Yard Low Profile bin.


Low profile with EZ flip top plastic roof. Hinged door for easy access.

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25 Cubic Yard Vacuum Container.


Vacuum container with 5,050 gallon capacity in a single-piece design.

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Vertical Poly Storage tank.


Vertical poly storage tanks in 2600 gal, 3000 gal, and 4925 gal sizes.

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Field Applications

  • Oil Field Fracking Operations
  • On Site Water Storage Solutions for Fire Protection
  • Emergency Response Storage Use
  • Pipeline Hydro Testing and Cleaning
  • Petroleum Storage
  • Separation of Liquids
  • Drilling Fluid and Chemical Storage
  • Groundwater Storage and Treatment
  • Ship and Barge Cleaning
  • Leachate
  • Storm Water Runoff
  • De-watering Applications
  • Industrial and Maintenance
  • Environmental and Bio-Remediation
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning
  • Refineries
  • Settling Tanks
  • Food Processing Plants
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