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Filtration Bin - Phase Separator - 40 Yard Capacity

38 Cubic Yard Capacity
  • Filter cloths and filter mesh available in various micron sizes. These units utilize a disposable filter media (filter cloth) which enhances dewatering efficiency).
  • Dewater sludge.
  • Recover product or clarify aqueous phase.
  • Phase Separator retains solid material for transportation and disposal.
  • Roll-off capable and transportable.
  • Dewatering screens cover the interior of the box including bottom, sides and back, maximizing the drainage surface area.
  • Phase Separator may be lined with a variety of filter media to match the characteristics of the material.
  • Water tight gate is gasketed and side hinged for easy unloading of material and sludge.
  • Phase Separator has multiple 4" drainage ports which maximize operational efficiency.
  • Filtration Bins (Phase Separators) can be cleaned without removing any components or filter panels due to the space between the support screens, walls and floor.
Phase separator with 38 cubic yard capacity.


  • Length 20' 6" (246 inches)
  • Width 8' (96 inches)
  • Height 7' 3" (87 inches)
  • Capacity 38 Cubic Yards Filled to Top
  • Side Walls 3/16" A36 Carbon Steel Plate
  • Floor 3/16" A36 Carbon Steel Plate
  • Rear Door 3/16" A36 Carbon Steel Plate
  • Drains (2) 4" MPT Drains Located on Bottom of Door
  • Valves (4) 4" Wafer Valves with Stainless Steel Shaft and Butterfly Buna Gaskets located on curb side, driver side, front and rear
  • Rollers (4) 8" x 10"
  • Screen/Grate 4lb 1" x 1" Galvanized bar grating welded to container
  • Filter Hooks Support Hooks - 6 per side, 4 on door, 4 on front panel
  • Cleanout Space 3" along Walls, 4" above Floor
  • Capacity 9,324 Gallons
  • Tarp/Lid Vinyl Cover
  • Exterior Paint Carboline Coated with Carbothane 8845
  • Door Locking Barn Door Style Gate
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